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About Jenness

I don’t want to Boursin you… but it’s going to be Gouda.


I’m Jenness, a native San Antonian and cheese and charcuterie lover. 


I fell in love with cheese when I was little, my grandfather would pull Roquefort out of the fridge
and we would eat the whole wedge while giggling together and telling stories, these are some
of my favorite memories with him. 


As I grew up, my lunches growing up mainly consisted of broken down cheese and charcuterie
boards and my mom would always roll her eyes when I wanted to try a new expensive cheese
with no knowledge if I would like it or not. 99% of the time, I loved them! This then continued
through college where I would take snacks to class and then to my work life.


This then turned into putting together cheese and charcuterie boards for family and friends
for years, but in September 2019, I met this awesome person who showed me that I could
make my cheese and charcuterie boards for more than my family, friends and myself. I owe
all of this in thanks to my sweet friend Courtney, otherwise known as @cheesegal. She has an
amazing company and she convinced me to start one of my own. So here I am, introducing
myself and my love of cheese and charcuterie to you!

                                                                                                                    Say Cheese,

Cheese & Honey is proud to work with local charities and organizations around
San Antonio. Please reach out to us for a fundraiser or silent auction item today by e-mailing



Booking your board is now easier than ever!

Check out all our selection to make one of our boards the talk of your next party.

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Local Product

I am big on supporting local companies.

If you are a local company and want to partner, please reach out to us below!

Through my years of loving cheese and charcuterie,
I have found some amazing pairings that I implement
into all of my boards.

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Cheese and Honey serves a variety of meat and diverse cheeses that are so delicious! She gets creative with all combinations of meats, cheeses and the extras. Jenness caters to what you like and never disappoints.


—  Ines R.

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